Remarkable Ice Cream, Remarkable Illustration

Not everything worth mentioning happens in technology, and its good to call out some fantastic stuff when we see it. Good friend and illustrator Julia Breckenreid has just completed some beautiful labels for Brad’s Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream. Brad is based in Toronto’s Kensington Market, and he produces delectable and creative concoctions that will soon be coming to a Whole Foods near you.


I am a big fan of his Coffee Cardamom ice cream – spicy, sweet and creamy all at once. Oh, and I also love Vanilla Rose. I don’t know if those flavours are going into wide distribution. Remarkk! wishes Brad best of luck on his new venture. I hope he gets a domain setup soon with a url on those labels and starts blogging once he’s got things running. It worked really well for Stoneyfield Farm.

(Note: I will blog for ice cream.)

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