A Creative Renaissance?

Excuse my disconnected ramblings, but the many inspirational ideas floating around my mind these days have prompted more questions, and I don’t have the answers. So here they are, in raw form. I hope they spark a conversation.

Community is the framework. BarCamp is a platform. So are mesh, iSummit and NXNE. MaRS is a container. So is Artscape. There is a need for others.

What is the content? Why, it’s the people, of course!

How do these pieces come together? Is some kind of chaotic order emerging from the cacophony of individual voices and organizations with their diverse, and at times conflicting, creative aspirations?

Who will build the superstructure of the Creative City? What is the social infrastructure demanded by creative people of the places where creativity and innovation will arise? How can sustainable investments be made into that social infrastructure in a way that doesn’t try to “manage” these complex and dynamic social systems within a traditional mechanistic industrial- or social-policy approach?

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There is a tremendous buzz and a creative vitality building around the city of Toronto. In the future, this period may be seen as the beginning of a renaissance that marked Toronto’s entry into the pantheon of world-class creative cities. Or it may be seen in retrospect as yet another missed opportunity.

Every creative professional owes it to themselves and their community to participate in this renaissance if it is to exist. Create art, teach, start a new business, launch a new product, invest in the creative potential of your community, pass on your wisdom to the next generation, help build something, enter new markets, celebrate our winners, embrace and learn from your failures.

Can we all become city-builders? Can we build our city while at the same time pursuing our individual dreams within it? What is the link between geographic communities and global communities in a World that [may be] Flat? Is creativity a human right? Is there a natural tension between “creativity-as-human-right” and copyright? Can a culture and a society learn to embrace the rebels and the rule-breakers without trying to tame them? Can the creative spark within all of us be looked upon as holy and deserving of respect?

What is the ROI on community-building? Can the economics of open-source software provide some clues?

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