BarCamp Toronto – Get Your Nerd On

T – 3 Days to BarCampTDot. If you’re coming, sign up on the wiki.

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If you have an interest in technology or the future of the web, enjoy big ideas and getting your hands dirty with smart and engaging people, this is your event. Whether you’re a developer, a software professional, a hacktivist, marketer, investor or a strategy nerd and policy geek like me, you’re bound to find something inspiring this weekend.

Remember that BarCamp (unlike DemoCamp) is an unconference and a self-organized community. There are no spectators, only participants. Leadership can come from anywhere, the schedule is unknown until you show up and the group is self-organized and open. Come with something prepared to contribute. Everyone with a creative bent has a pet project or favourite rant, so bring it to the table.

David posts all you need to BarCamp like an old Pro.

Bryce knows the secret ingredient of BarCamp, and he shares it with us all in his own inimitable way. That might give a clue about the appropriate attitude coming in the door.

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One thought on “BarCamp Toronto – Get Your Nerd On”

  1. Attitude, Moi? 😉

    I wanna be like my photo advisor at Ryerson, Dave Heath. In the first month of my third year he made two of my twelve classmates cry and three or four drop the class. He would tell me that I was “not a photgrapher” and and yell at me to shut up when I was trying to explain my work.

    Dave Heath is a great photographer and the best teacher I’ve ever known. Approaching his teaching in what might be considered an older, European tradition, Heath presents himself as the master and you are his student. After fourteen years I’m still a little intimidated by him.

    I wish I could still signup for office hours.

    Now I am no BarCamp master, but I’m interested to see how our Hogtown approach meshes with Chris and Tara’s philosophy.

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