Open Source Business Models

In looking forward to BarCampTdot, I’ve been trying to decide which of my favourite rants I’m going to dust off for the soapbox. Web 2.0 and VC? Disintermediation? Creativity and Community? Those who know me know that it is a rare topic on which I have neither opinion nor curiosity.

BarCamp is a great opportunity to try something new, so I’m going to be opening a discussion on Open Source Business Models: Beyond the Code. I don’t have the answers, but I have some questions. I am framing the discussion in two ways:

  1. Business models built on open-source software (FLOSS)
  2. Business models inspired by open-source software

If you have an interest in the topic and want to participate, first – sign up on BarCampTdot attendees list, second – put your name on the OpenSourceBusinessModelsBeyondTheCode wiki page, and third – add your questions and reference links to that page.

At the end of the session, we will have the discussion documented on the wiki page and freely available. How is that for open source?

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