mesh conference a great success!

Well if you were there, you know it was great. If you weren’t there, you missed out on a lot. However, you can still follow along from home, because this was an extremely well covered conference, thanks to the copious blogging it triggered. See Publishing 2.0 for a good summary. Others are linked from Mathew’s blog and technorati tag:mesh06. UPDATE: Best one stop Mesh shopping is probably Robert Oulette’s VC/biz oriented gagglescape.

Congratulations go to Rob, Stuart, Michael, Mark and Mathew for organizing something truly remarkable. Why remarkable? Because I have no doubt that venture investments were made, product/service ideas developed and whole new companies formed. Friendships, ideas and conversations began at mesh that will continue long from now. It was a case study in creative serendipity and knowledge exchange.

My favourite moment was David Crow, Chris Messina, Tom Purves and myself talking the future of technology, media and community with Jian Ghomeshi at the Drake Hotel after party. BarCamp meets Canadian media icon. (Yes, I think Jian Ghomeshi is an icon – I remember Moxy Fruvous.) My favourite line from J.Gho: “This crowd makes me feel masculine by comparison.”

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4 thoughts on “mesh conference a great success!”

  1. Jian Ghomeshi an ICON? This seems a bit rich, even if one is a fan.

    The OED definition of “icon”: “a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.”

    It is truly difficult to imagine how JG is either representative or worthy of veneration. The casual use of terms such as “hero” and “icon” are often rooted in political motivations or used to simply accentuate a point that clearly is in need of support. Either way, the end result is the dilution of language (and by extension, culture), which often serves to alienate the poor, marginalized, or disenfranchised. Tch tch!

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