Please support my Bike Rally fundraising efforts!

As many of my regular readers know, I will be cycling from Toronto to Montreal the last week of July to benefit PWA Toronto. After sprinting to a client project deadline in July, 6 days and 600km of cycling is my masochistic reward!

I would greatly appreciate your support of my fund-raising efforts. I need to raise $2000 by June 30th in order to keep my place on the ride, and hope to raise much more beyond that. Please donate what you can using this online donation page. ( You will receive a tax receipt directly from PWA Toronto.

And a big thank you to everyone who has already pledged their support!

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The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation provides critically needed services and support to people in the Toronto community who are living with the devastating physical, emotional, economic and social effects of HIV and AIDS. They are a fantastic organization that help people dealing with a fatal disease, many of whom are socially ostracized or rejected by family members.

Here are some of the programs your donation will support:

  • $150 supplies a family for one week with groceries (Food Bank),
  • $70 provides a massage once a week to a PHA suffering from neuropathy,
  • $60 covers 1 naturopathic appointment,
  • $50 covers 1 month of naturopathic medication,
  • $45 buys a 2 month supply of glutamine (helps alleviate wasting),
  • $35 buys 1 week of meals (Food For Life Program),
  • $30 buys 1 bottle of vitamins.

Thank you for your support!

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