Garth wants to be a digital boy

The latest from Garth Turner:

The digital generation, in real time, is instantly informed and ready to react. They don’t need to be told by MSM reporters and columnists what to think. They don’t wait twelve hours for stories to be written, turned into page layouts, put on presses, and then be delivered on paper by 12-year-olds. They’re beyond being told by TV talking heads what matters and what doesn’t. They are their own media. We’re all media.

The implications for political leaders are profound. The fact no other MP that I know of has an interactive web site is a worry. The fact most MPs rely on brochures sent to homes as unaddressed admail underscores the digital divide being created. This will change, of course. But as it does, there will be a grinding between the 19th Century form of representation we have now – the PM as president, not elected directly by the people and demanding unanimity of thought – and the 21st Century political reality in which democracy gets messy again, people have far more access and control, and the top guy will be, by necessity, a broker and an inspirational leader.

This excites the digital crowd. Excites me. One thing about the future – it’s coming.

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