Nuit Blanche a great success

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Nuit Blanche was a huge success on Saturday night, despite uncooperative weather that started the evening off with rain. Or maybe that damp fall cool added to the atmosphere of Toronto in an altered state of itself. Some of the art was spectacular, some less so, but the event overall was very engaging. It’s biggest contribution was to captivate urban dwellers into a new way of thinking about their city and their relationship with public space. I look forward to next year.

This is exactly the kind of project that Torontonians need to support and develop further to enhance Toronto as a creative city that inspires creative people with a high quality of life. My congratulations to the organizers. For a complete rundown of what happened where, what you missed, etc. check out Torontoist, and check out the Flickr photos.

While Nuit Blanche began in Paris, and occurs in a number of cities around the world, I think it has particular meaning and importance in Toronto right now. Toronto is a young city that is redefining itself in a rapidly changing world and Toronto continually struggles to step outside of its historical modesty to do something remarkable. Nuit Blanche wasn’t invented in Toronto, but perhaps it will be the place that shows how art can transform a community.

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