Shark Week!: Creative Hubs and Co-working Edition

Ok, it’s officially Creative Hub Week on the Remarkk blog, which is this wonk-blogger’s version of Shark Week. Coming on the heals of my attendance at the Artscape Creative Hub Development Workshop, more news is surfacing, via David Crow:

215Spadina-1The Zeidlers strike again! The Centre for Social Innovation in the Robertson Building at 215 Spadina in Toronto is expanding. The development includes offices, shared services, permanent and temporary workspace and co-working and a cafe. The development is geared to innovative third sector organizations and social entrepreneurs. More details here [PDF]. I’ll be going to the info session on Friday.
The Zeidler family’s Urbanspace Property Group is a recognized leader in supporting sustainability in their developments, with a strong community connection and social purpose, bridging commerce, culture and community. They are responsible for 401 Richmond and the renewal of the Gladstone Hotel.

Indoor Playground is a more tech-startup and entrepreneur focused co-working and cafe space associated with the Innovation Commons and being planned for 364 Richmond Street West in Toronto. A lot of details are unknown, but David points to some kind of membership model. Initiated by Mark Dowds and Bobby John of Creation Step, some people I really need to get to know.

Indoor Playground is a next generation workspace based in the downtown core of Toronto. It is a home away from home for the entrepreneur who needs an office space on occasion. It helps to solve the problem of having a place to work when you are on the road or when you just want out of the house. Indoor Playground provides a good-looking and creative space populated by other great people worth meeting. It is the perfect solution for new start-ups and independent innovators who are looking for a professional yet affordable way to scale their business.

2007 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in Toronto’s social and economic innovation scene, as these new ideas of creative places become more widespread. This is something our friends at ICT Toronto should be paying attention to.

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