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IBM is Our Friend Edition

TorCamp braintrust members Joey deVilla and Jay Goldman attended the Technology Innovators Breakfast put on by the Toronto Board of Trade. We were invited by Alicia Bulwik, Project Manager for the ICT Toronto initiative, who has been doing a good job at reaching out to the community.

Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch involving setting the alarm on my new mobile phone and drinks the night before, I missed my opportunity to suit up in time. Fortunately, Joey blogged a very comprehensive set of notes featuring the main speaker, Dan Fortin President of IBM Canada:

How do we innovate to make Toronto stand out?

* The best way is to focus on the expertise that’s available right here
* We need to track and retain expertise, and to do this, we need to
* We need to realize that collaboration is key

Exactly! Indigenous talent, indigenous companies and improved collaboration. I love the fact that IBM is strategically looking for emerging Toronto companies (they want to buy companies, their technology and sell their services, after all). Reading this, it makes me think that the TorCamp community’s interests are more in line with this view of IBM than with many of the organizations pushing for a foreign investment and trade-driven approach to the development of Toronto’s tech cluster. Very interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Read Joey’s “Power Breakfast””

  1. Sorry you missed the breakfast; Fortin’s speech was pretty inspiring as well as interesting. Another place to read about it is on the Board of Trade’s own blog at

    FYI, you might want to change the link in your post for ‘Technology Innovators Breakfast’. Right now, it points to the former location of the event description, so you get a ‘no such event’ message. How about putting in this instead?:
    This links to the description of the NEXT breakfast, coming up in January with the head of Accenture Canada.

    Hope to see you there (remember to set your alarm!) …

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