I attended, along with David, Will, Tom, Eli and another Mark (Raheja) , Don Tapscott’s Wikinomics book launch at Rotman. Wikinomics is co-written with New Paradigm colleague Anthony D. Williams. Anthony is clearly much more than a research assistant. He is an accomplished writer, PhD candidate at LSE, and the accompanying Wikinomics wiki chapter and blog have his fingerprints all over them.

Will and David commented on the interesting collision between the mass collaboration theme of the book and the (mostly) invite-only crowd. My former head honcho from State Street (now Thomson Financial) David Toyne was there, as was former Premier and federal Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae:
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Bob Rae Loves Wikis” by Will Pate

I am looking forward to participating in the emerging community around this important new book. It links closely to my thoughts around the role of open innovation networks in regional economic development, a theme I will be pursuing this year with some great thinkers. Watch this space.

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