Hire Will Pate: your next Web Strategy, Tech Evangelist, Community-Building super-dude

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Will Pate over the past week as he has received the David Crow and BarCamp royal tour of Toronto’s tech scene. Apparently Will was suitably impressed by the enthusiasm of our little community and the excitement that continues to build around the TorCamp community and more recent developments like the Indoor Playground. It looks like he’s moving here. Mission accomplished.

WillPate.org, originally uploaded by kk+.

See Jevon’s post for background on the little guy from PEI, Will’s hire me page and his LinkedIn profile (25 recommendations!). Will’s done a lot in his young life, most recently at Flock, and he appears to be part web slinger part energizer bunny. You enter his event horizon, and can easily be swept away by the enthusiasm and genuine warmth of the guy. Rumor is he’ll be in Toronto starting February. Book him now.

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