Enterprise Camp Toronto, unconference edition

Enterprise Camp Toronto was a success. Thanks to Bryce for organizing, and Navantis and Microsoft for sponsoring. For those who have never been to a BarCamp event before, this is what it looks like:

How to Get Users to Use It 1, originally uploaded by chesh2000pro.

Kind of like group therapy for geeks, except much more fun and creative. Thoughts and analysis after the jump…

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Some Thoughts

Enterprise 2.0, Wikinomics, and BarCamp are converging in Toronto in 2007. They certainly converged this week, and if you were there to witness it, it felt like a tipping point. This is a significant moment, one that is ripe with potential for innovation and business opportunity.

Toronto, in terms of the software industry, is very much an enterprise town. With a large number of corporate head-offices based here, including the very strong financial services sector, it is natural that the next generation of enterprise software and how it enables new forms of organization, production and competitiveness should have a solid home here.

What is Enterprise 2.0?

Not an easy one to answer, I think of it as encompassing an emerging paradigm of social and economic organization that is enabled by ubiquitous networks, low-cost processing power and bandwidth together with new social media and Web 2.0 collaboration tools. The elements have existed for a while, but are coming together into a coherent framework for action.

Enterprise 2.0 is a set of tools, frameworks and practices which are available to arbitrage the market inefficiencies between capital and talent.

But before we get too breathless, we accept that the new paradigm is not exclusive of the elements of the old paradigm. Rather, they will coexist in a complex hybrid system which is very fluid. These are not mutually exclusive practices, these are different orientations which lie on a continuum. But the trends for the future are clear and the changes they will bring will be very significant and permanent.
How to Get There from Here?

A meta-innovation for the adaptation to the Enterprise 2.0 paradigm is a new form of consulting, what Jevon has coined “Consulting 2.0“. I think of this term as describing agile networks of independent consultants who understand and work in the new paradigm and who bring unique mixes of skills from classical process engineering, product design, technology, marketing, organizational development and other domains that can be deployed to assist established organizations to solve problems with new tools in new ways.

Meta-Innovations for Consulting 2.0

Here’s a list of things for the emerging Consulting 2.0 practice to develop:

  • Open-source, collaborative knowledge resources
  • Creative Commons licenses for consulting artifacts
  • “micro-formats” for legal relationships between consulting partners/networks
  • Trusted interfaces between open-collaborative networks and closed-hierarchy organizations
  • A market for reputation and trust

I expect to see Enterprise Camp Toronto become the beginning of just such a series of meta-innovations. Who wants to collaborate?

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