DemoCamp12: World Class Edition


Responding to recent concerns about a general lack of quality in demos and calls for a retooling, David Crow’s announced DemoCamp12. Get on the wiki, go to Upcoming. It’s setting up to be a great one – World Class, all the way.

The new format includes invited demos/discussions by Will Pate on Flock, Mike Beltzner on Firefox and Albert Lai on Bubbleshare. It’s also an opportunity to review a fantastic year of DemoCamp, with the story by Albert and David on the origins of DemoCamp and 2 minute updates from past presenters on what they’re up to now.

I hope the Conceptshare guys come back, I’d like to see the DabbleDB guys again, and I’d love to know what’s up with Bumptop. What’s up with PlanetEye, Nuvvo, Semacode, Ambient Vector, BlogMatrix, Freshbooks, Radiant Core, Idée? For all the concerns about slipping quality standards, looking back overall there is a remarkable collection of talent and ideas and companies in the mix.

Anniversaries are great opportunities for a reset…appreciate what’s come before, reset expectations, look forward to the future. The community is a friendly, open, cooperative and competitive environment which should be continually raising the bar of quality and expectations. There is now an authentic grassroots tech community that didn’t exist a year ago, which has created excitement in the Toronto tech scene that is drawing them in from Sudbury to Vancouver to Silicon Valley.

I’ll be sure to invite our friends at ICT Toronto to come. But I’m not making bets on whether any of them will, having been disappointed by good intentions in the past.

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5 thoughts on “DemoCamp12: World Class Edition”

  1. Oh no, not another Torontonian saying that the city, or something in it, is “world class”! Every time it happens we just look more and more provincial (not just spineless as I often complain).

    I think you’re right about what’s happened over the past year. Major kudos especially to David Crow, Jay Goldman, and Joey DeVilla!

  2. Hey mark, I really should update DemoCamp on whats happening with BumpTop. I didn’t realize they were doing a bit of a retrospective this time around, thanks for blogging about it. Hope to see you there!


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