Coopetition is a Dirty Word…Dirty in a Good Way

Small firms often need to cooperate to compete. That’s what the Entertainment & Creative Cluster Partnerships fund is all about. Jay recently threatened to slap me if I used the word coopetition, but he’s in Redmond now, so I feel safe.

Check out Jevon MacDonald of Firestoker making the call for collaboration to his startup competition in the Enterprise 2.0 space. Of course, they are Enterprise 2.0, so they WOULD naturally move to the new paradigm.

So, are stealth startups dead? If you’re a closely guarded secret, how do you attract the kind of attention you need to forge partnerships, gather users, talent and other resources?

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2 thoughts on “Coopetition is a Dirty Word…Dirty in a Good Way”

  1. check out Collaborate to Compete – coauthored by Beal affiliate Robert Logan, or have a chat with him. he’s long been a supporter of collaboration in enterprise and organizational KM – from both his previous consulting experience as well as adapting the knowledge and observations from successful biological/ecological systems into the human context.

    book found here:

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