Read Michele Perras, “Shot from the Hip”

I love Michele, who is my newest oldest friend. Read her most recent reflections on Open Cities and the Lift Conference, where she is exploring the concept of communities of values. This links to my concept of “open creative communities”, which deserves a post (coming soon).

It shocks me to think that we’ve only known each other a month since the Alex Manu book launch (read the David Crow review) at Rotman on January 18th. It feels like I’ve known her much longer. I quickly fell in love with her mind, her wit and her joie de vivre, and had the pleasure of Lifting with her, Tom, Joshua and other new friends in Geneva, and enjoying fantastic conversations at dinner chez Surman this past Saturday.

Michele and her colleagues at the Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity are playing at the edges, and I get giddy when I have the opportunity to play with them. I look forward to more of those opportunities.

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