Read Tom’s “Vista’s DRM mistake, and the decline of Microsoft Windows”

Vista’s DRM mistake, and the decline of Microsoft Windows:
Microsoft introduces Vista to area bloggers, Nov. 2006
Tom’s done a fantastic job summarizing the current state of things with respect to MSFT, Vista, DRM, Big IT, Enterprise 2.0 and how they are all interlinked into a bigger story about the long-term trend towards OPEN. Some key quotes:

No, the next revolution in business productivity comes from empowering *people*, and not Big IT. The next revolution comes from embracing emergent uses of tools and a default status of “openness� not the other way around. Port 80 has set us free [port 80 is used by web browsers to access the greater internet and the one loophole left necessarily, grudgingly, open in every corporate firewall].

Meanwhile those who know, and those who are [not] tied to corporate IT have switched to Mac already. It was the MacBookPro and Apple’s switch to powerful (and finally equivalent/better) x86 hardware that did it. Try going to a tech or blogger conference and every single person sitting comfortably ensconced behind the glowing Apple logo of their MacBooks.

Read the whole post.

2 thoughts on “Read Tom’s “Vista’s DRM mistake, and the decline of Microsoft Windows””

  1. I am a old guy and Lord knows I hate change. But Microsoft is forcing me to learn Linux. Microsoft is proving that the propriety software model is anti-social. So I think you’re spot on.


  2. You are absolutely correct, users want to be empowered, not embittered. I am not young either but effectively “forced” to switch home/business to Linux and at a pretty big time cost, I have done it. Yes, there have been Linux problems to untangle but I needed to work on them ONCE and and ONCE only. I have now ended my seemingly endless cycle of Microsoft wrestles and am now in the process of moving most of my daughter’s computing over to Linux too. We hope to get it all across but if not, we can keep an old heap with Windows 98 where there are maybe fewer worries – until we can finally jump free. Like me she is fed up and will sigh a huge sigh of relief to see the end of her utter powerlessness too. I also have helped several friends change over and in every case they are working happily with a new freedom.

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