VizThink Community in Toronto

Ryan Coleman, a TorCamp Citizen I’ve come to know and love, did a fantastic job in hosting and facilitating VizThink1 a visual thinking jam session last night at his offices at Clay Tablet.

Ryan really stepped up the plate, added a whole new dimension to our community and facilitated a whole new conversation. And because he setup the wiki using the BarCamp event pattern, this one event will trigger more and will almost certainly go global. The goal (visually presented, of course):

Picture 4

So who is this nascent new community? Well, this is it (for now):

See Ryan’s full presentation on SlideShare:

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2 thoughts on “VizThink Community in Toronto”

  1. I agree, I think Ryan should be lauded for his hard work and dedication. Thanks Ryan for making Vizthink a reality.

    I agree that it is bound to be a global phenomenon and hope that I can help expand the effort.



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