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February 2007

February 24, 2007

Ryan Feeley on Spotlight Whack-a-Mole

Ryan Feeley has a blog. Expect to see lots of usability critique, urban warrior tools and food porn. Ryan was a proto-photo-travel-blogger back in the day, long before LiveJournal or Movable Type. It was called Wrecktangle, and it was genius. So why did it take Ryan so long to find his voice post 1.0? Good - Read More -

February 22, 2007

Flockstar and BarCamp Community-Guy Will Pate to Co-host command-N

Community-guy-at-large Will Pate (of Rain City Studios, Vancouver and Flock fame) a recent Torontonian, is joining forces with fellow Prince Edward Islander Amber Mac as co-host for command-N, the tech trends video podcast. read more | digg story

February 20, 2007

Harnessing Social Media for People Living With HIV/AIDS

Day 6 – Lancaster to Montreal – 101km, originally uploaded by Yogadude. I’m excited to be cycling from Toronto to Montreal again this year in support of PWA Toronto, the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. Last year was my first year doing the ride, and it was a remarkable experience. Yes, that kind of remarkable. - Read More -

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