I realized, thanks to Amber Macarthur’s recent piece and various related issues around open access on various internet platforms, that Net Neutrality as an issue appears profoundly silent on the Canadian scene.

Sure Mark Evans blogged about it a year ago, and of course Michael Geist and Rob Hyndman have been all over it. But what about the thousands of bloggers who benefit from the free, open and un-throttled internet we’ve become accustomed to? Where are all the YouTube fans in every office in the country?

Net Neutrality is not an obscure telecom policy issue for CRTC-watchers and hardcore policy geeks. It is fundamental to the shape of the future of human culture. You may not have an opinion yet, or you may be confused by it, but silence is no longer cool when the cultural, economic and political implications are this large.

We need to express ourselves in order to engage in the conversation; we need conversation to engage in co-creation – the social construction of the world we live in.

So I’m starting to ping people for a blog-swarm: Jevon MacDonald, Will Pate, David Crow, Tom Purves, Sandy Kemsley, Rohan Jayasekera, Sean Howard, Ryan Coleman and Ryan Feeley. Posts tagged “netneutrality” and “canada” will appear here.

Net Neutrality Canada - Neutrality.ca

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