Twitterholic Twitters a Tweet while Talking Twitter

For those of you who missed it and care, I was on CityTV news earlier this week. Amber Macarthur interviewed me about the micro-blogging sensation known as Twitter. What’s Twitter? Watch the video, silly. I thought I should at least document my moment in the mainstream media sun (ironically mostly in shadow) here.

We talked about Twittervision a bit, the Twitter Google Maps mashup. I personally don’t find Twittervision particularly interesting, but the Twittermap functionality is cool. Find Twitterers in your neighbourhood. It is through this that I discovered James Koole, who is located not far from me in Toronto’s west-end. Nice blog design (my template needs a refresh), he’s doing the production for the Social Media Today podcast and just joined TransitCamp-sponsor and original BarCamp Toronto supporters Tucows. Added.

Note to self: I really need to come out of lurk mode on the Social Media Collective group and start contributing more to the conversation.

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