Live-Swarming the Canadian Venture Forum

My thanks to Peter Evans of the Toronto Venture Group, Mars and Riverdale Partners for comping me a pass to the Canadian Venture Forum. This is a great opportunity to communicate what’s the current sense of things in VC land and bring it out to the wider community.

I’m a terrible live-blogger. I really like to have some time to digest and see Remarkk as a place for context and analysis rather than a news feed.

However the TorCamp Skype Chat Swarm is the place to be for live coverage. I am using as the place to capture my notes, and the wider TorCamp community is following along remotely.

I haven’t blogged about this innovation yet, but Tom Purves covered it pretty well at its birth. Since its inception 6 weeks ago, the Swarm has been a locus of self-organization, rants, praise, new projects, new events and even business deals and partnerships. Swarmies are hungry, entrepreneurial and smart as a whip. The Swarm is operating as a Collective Intelligence – ask it any question, it will have an answer.

Add my skypename for entry: markkuznicki, or ask any TorCamper.

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Skype scumbags

Via Sandy Kemsley, a TorCamper, engineer, BPM expert and Skype user:

In spite of my modified Skype description that has stopped most of the unsolicited requests for contact, there’s still a few morons who don’t get the message. I’ve decided to create a rogues’ gallery of Skype Scumbags on Flickr showing their requests; you can find the entire set (as it grows) here, and I encourage others to share their snaps using the skypescumbag tag.

Read this earlier post for background.

Scumbag of the day:

Skype scumbags rogues gallery

I encourage people to contribute to this effort at direct community action to enforce decent norms of human social behaviour in our new chosen medium. Time to clean the streets of scumbags everywhere, making it safe and secure for everyone.

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