This Week in the Chat Swarm, Ep.1

This week on “As The Swarm Turns”, Sandy turns to drink, Markus tries to beat his crack addiction and Walkah and Ryan C discover that they are long-lost brothers. Meanwhile, Bryce discovers a nasty surprise in the basement of his mysterious new cottage.


The TorCamp community has a stable ad-hoc always-on chat room in Skype. I thought it might be interesting to start a weekly summary of the conversation for those of you who might be interested but don’t need the distraction, or just for posterity’s sake. Or this could just be a giant inside joke, you decide.

The TorCamp Chat Swarmâ„¢ is a gathering place for smart tech blogger BarCamp types in Toronto, with special guests visiting from Vancouver, San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Rome and other places I’m probably forgetting. The Swarmâ„¢ is a virtual water-cooler for independent, creative, entrepreneurial or self-employed and community-oriented folk. Conversation varies from banal to brilliant to steamy, depending on the flavour of the moment.

Out of Context Quote of the Week:

mark raheja:
depends. if you’re both wearing baby panda costumes…then yes, definitely cute.

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When is the ConceptShare Party?

Picture 2-2Favourite sons ConceptShare continued to bask in the afterglow, having rocked Under the Radar getting huge attention around the internets. Bernie, Scott and Chris are regulars in the Swarm and give credit to the TorCamp community for their support since demoing at DemoCamp9 in September. ConceptShare is a great TorCamp success story, and they’re doing it from Sudbury, making the 3-6 hour commute (depending on weather conditions) for events in Toronto which usually means brutal hangovers for their weak-kneed Toronto cousins the next morning. Members of The Swarm like to mention ConceptShare whenever possible cause we all want into the massive party they’re going to host someday.

WTF is Up with Will Pate?

Addis Ababa AirportWill Pate

Seen here looking part 007 and part Colombian drug lord, Community Guy Obi-Will Pate left for Africa this week. Fresh from his new gig as co-host for with AmberMac, Will begins an amazing new adventure working for a pending new venture called Mazava that has something to do with Africa and disease outbreaks. We’re looking forward to occasional updates in the Swarm, via Twitter and maybe even a blog post or some photos.

How Many Canadian VCs Does it Take to Recognize a Great Investment Opportunity?

Swarmies debated the ironies of the dearth of Canadian VC activity in the web space while a disproportionate number of the most important names in tech these days are Canadian. The conclusion: a collective WTF?!

Welcome Allen Stern

Picture 3

Allen Stern from found The Swarm and quickly fell in love with the vibrant Toronto scene. Allen’s been covering tech for a long time and right about now should be moving to NYC to make the big time. Apparently Hotlanta isn’t that hot tech-wise. In any case, Allen works hard covering tech stuff from CenterNetworks Central. I imagine him in a one-man CNN studio.

TechDads Breeding Like Rabbits

TorCamp babies are coming in a major baby boom wave this fall. Watch for GeekDads and TechDads to emerge as a powerful new community force.

Virtual ScotchCamp – The Swarm at Its Best

April 2nd, fresh from the ETech conference in San Diego, David Crow continued to push for greatness at future DemoCamps. As usual when the scotch and bourbon start flowing, things got a little loose:

James Walker:
it’s all been done
David Crow:
no, i think we stopped looking for hard problems
David Crow:
and decided that everything needed a web login form
David Crow:
and a fucking social network

A fast-flowing and intelligent back and forth ensued, talking Turing machines, Twitter, collective intelligence, free culture, culture & technology, human evolution through/with technology, telcos, wireless data rates, CRTC and regulatory capture, online film funding, net neutrality, OpenMoko, Joost, ATM fees, Public Enemy (“911 is a Joke”), Yochai Benkler, Bruce Sterling @ SXSW. And then my brain exploded.

Maybe it was the hangovers from all the scotch/bourbon, but there was more than half-serious consideration given by The Swarm to buying a hotel (Hotel 2.0?, Swarm Hotel?) a Hotel Chelsea-like creative community for geek living/working. It’s a crazy idea. It also appears to be inevitable.

If you want into The Swarm, ask your favourite TorCamper to invite you in. BarCamp principles apply – no spectators, only participants, two-feet rule.

Next Week in Swarm: Will Jevon tame his wild chat bot? Or will he be voted off Swarm island once and for all? And what is behind the mysterious hatch in David’s shoe closet?

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