Enterprise 2.0 Conference, May 29th in Toronto

Corporate Canada will have a tremendous opportunity to get an intense dose of education and practical advice on the emerging set of social media tools that are changing the nature of work and the future of competitiveness. Enterprise 2.0 is happening the day before the Mesh Conference in the middle of Toronto TechWeek.

Tom Purves has lined up two amazing speakers in Anthony D. Williams, co-author of Wikinomics and John Bruce, CEO of iUpload which recently received $7 million in US VC funding. The event will be a fascinating hybrid of the traditional CEO breakfast followed by an intense day of workshops that will tap the expertise of the participants, including the best and brightest from the Toronto Barcamp community. That’s how 2.0 is done!

I am looking forward to hearing case studies from companies that are in various stages of implementing wikis, blogs, social networks, new collaboration tools and other Enterprise 2.0 practices. It is a great opportunity to innovate, get some new ideas and perspectives and find people to help companies innovate the new world of work. I’m going to propose a session myself, maybe a couple. Join us!

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