BarCamp: Toronto’s Tech Unconference

BarCamp TorontoTechWeek (aka BarCamp Toronto4) is happening this Saturday, May 26th. This time, we’re bringing out the BarCamp noobies and sharing the real BarCamp experience at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information Studies.

In line with the counter-culture ethos of the unconference, this BarCamp marks the un-official un-launch of Toronto Technology Week, which features both Enterprise 2.0 Conference & Camp and the Mesh Conference. I will be attending BarCamp and plan on facilitating a conversation about the future of Mozilla as a product or a platform, based on Chris Messina’s recent rant on the subject.

If you’ve never attended an unconference before, you really need to try it. (Hint: DemoCamp IS NOT a BarCamp) Once you’ve had an unconference, your expectations for what a conference should be will never be the same. Participants only. Bring a presentation you want to share, or sometimes participation means active listening, engaging presenters, bringing a question you want to explore or an intention to meet some like-minded folk. It’s about sharing and learning in an open creative environment.

Register by adding your name on the wiki. (Click “edit page”, password: c4mp)

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