Put TORCAMP on the map AND win a 30GB iPod!

While Jay Goldman and Leila Boujane work on a very cool subway-map of Toronto’s tech community similar to the one in Montreal, Toronto’s tech community can put itself on the map in other ways too. The TorCamp community is “partnering” (in what must be a first for a non-organization that puts on unconferences) with the Toronto Board of Trade on getting the word out to the thousands of small and micro-businesses about their ICT survey.

I am encouraging anybody who sees themselves as part of the greater Toronto technology community to fill out the survey and put themselves on the map for policy-makers who are looking for new ways of supporting that community’s development in the global race for technology leadership. Plus a new iPod would be nice! (Mine has be acting up lately).

Please blog about it, Facebook it, pass it on to people you know in the Toronto region involved in technology, and put out to any email lists you may be on. Thanks!

Here are the details:

Simply visit http://www.whatsyouropinion.ca, enter “TORCAMPâ€? in the field marked Survey Code and follow the easy steps through a short questionnaire which should help us identify issues and opportunities within Toronto’s growing ICT community.

For providing us your feedback, we’ll send you the aggregate results and analysis, but you’ll also be eligible to win a video iPod or tickets to upcoming Technology Innovators Breakfasts at the Toronto Board of Trade.

Thank you in advance for participating in this survey and helping to champion a competitive and vibrant ICT community in Toronto.

6 thoughts on “Put TORCAMP on the map AND win a 30GB iPod!”

  1. hey I’ve done a similar map for montreal! funny that you do that with the Toronto Board of Trade and that you will be making policies based on a map. and the Technology Innovators Breakfasts remind me of something too

  2. Heri, I meant to link to your map (fixed now!). To be clear, the Board of Trade is just doing a survey. Leila and Jay are doing the cool map inspired by yours. I doubt it will inform policy, but it may wake up a few policy wonks about where the community is.

    I always struggle with the fact that polcymakers do not see much beyond the large employers and do not have a community lens.

    Hopefully, a design approach like what you did can be fun, informative, useful and give the powers-that-be new glasses.

  3. Great to see you getting the word out to the broader community. I would be very interested in the map once its finished.

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