I’m cycling 660km and need your help!

This coming Sunday I will be leaving Toronto for the six day bike trip to Montreal, cycling 660km with over 200 riders raising awareness and funds for PWA Toronto. PWA is a community-based organization that supports men, women and children living with the health, social and economic effects of HIV/AIDS.

Learn more about the Bike Rally and PWA Toronto here.

I am asking for your support in my final push to meet my fundraising goals and hope that you share my interest in supporting people in our community living with the profound effects of this fatal disease.

You can leave your pledge here.

4 thoughts on “I’m cycling 660km and need your help!”

  1. Mark,

    I did a similar ride from San Fransisco to Los Angeles a few years back. I’m not sure how much time you have to train, but let me say you can never get on the bike enough before you leave. I say that because I didn’t get on it once until the start of the ride, a huge mistake on my part. It was still a great experience.

    I remember one day waking up in my tent with my fellow rider who was assigned to my tent. I simply told him that I couldn’t do it today, I needed to sit this one out. He said to get up and give it a go, if I didn’t want to keep going after the first pit stop I could be towed into camp. I got on the bike, and after the first few pedals forgot all about it.

    Good times & Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the support Jesse and Goran.

    I’m back now, and the ride was magnificent! I love the community of amazing people that make the bike rally special.

    Jerad, that SF-LA ride sounds INSANE! I heard it about from Walter Dimini, the co-chair of our ride, and he described climbing to 1500 feet and over 2000 riders. By contrast, our route has a few hills but generally follows the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river along gently rolling terrain. Congratulations on surviving your ride! I didn’t train as much as I would have like, but I was fine. Next year I want to return a much stronger and more skilled cyclist.

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