Vancouver Speaking Gig: “Co-creating the Creative City”

UPDATE: Slides posted on SlideShare:

I will be in Vancouver this Friday, November 2nd speaking as part of the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival. My talk will be followed by some open dialogue at Gallery Gachet Friday at 4pm:

Co-Creating the Creative City
Presenter: Mark Kuznicki (Toronto)
Friday November 2nd, 2007 4:00pm-7:00pm
Gallery Gachet, 88 E. Cordova

The creative economy and the cultural ecology of the city can be mutually supportive or at odds with one another. The creative city movement has so far failed to engage the passions, energy and values of creative people, or to unite them towards a common goal. Merging ideas from the creative city movement with emergent properties of “open creative communities�, Mark Kuznicki will explore how government and these diverse groups can engage each other towards a shared vision of an inclusive and sustainable 21st century creative city.

Presented by Gallery Gachet, DTES Community Arts Network, Stantec, CCTCA, and Fearless Media. Mark Kuznicki is a researcher, writer and strategy consultant working at the intersection of technology, culture and public policy. He has consulted to the Ontario Min. of Culture, the Dept. of Canadian Heritage, Toronto Artscape and the Ontario College of A&D.

If you are in Vancouver on Friday, please come by and say hi. I hope to see some of the Vancouver BarCamp crowd come out and mix it up with the Van-city downtown culture scene. My experience in Toronto is telling me that linking these two forces together is a powerful way to transform the sense of community and place among a diverse cross-section of creative people.

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Aboriginal MPPs in Queen’s Park?: Vote MMP

Via Facebook, I came across a fantastically important idea that makes voting for Mixed Member Proportional representation in the upcoming Ontario election and referendum a no-brainer. Thanks to Howie Chong of Carbon Zero for bringing it to my attention!

Aboriginal voices have little to no expression in the parliaments of this country, which just adds insult to historical injury. Asking mainstream (i.e. “white”) political parties to represent, legislate and regulate uniquely aboriginal issues in our houses of political discourse is a continuing tragedy of the colonial experiment which fails to recognize the legitimate claims of our aboriginal peoples to representation, resources and self-determination.

Vote for MMP

Those who know me know that I have been a fan of proportional representation for a long time. There are a number of reasons why, some principled and others more instrumental. I want the Green Party voice to be heard, AND the Libertarians. I want a strong social democratic voice in parliament – whether that’s the NDP or some (more worthy?) successor. I want to see our political discourse reflect something of the actual complexity of our population as the visible face of Ontario changes rapidly with migration.

I hope that you will join me in bringing about the first significant change in our political system in decades. And in our first MMP election, I will seriously consider giving my party vote to an Aboriginal Party as a small step towards correcting historical exclusion. It is possibilities such as this that excite me about MMP.

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