Nominated! Best Tech/Web Evangelist & TransitCamp, Best Unconference

I am honoured (and a little tickled, to be honest) to be nominated in BlogTO’s “Best of Independent Toronto” survey in the category Best Web or Tech Evangelist!

Being considered in the company of Toronto tech luminaries AmberMac, David Crow, Joey Devilla, Eli Singer, Will Pate is unexpected and humbling. If you’re looking for sparks, I am NOT going to be actively campaigning against my colleagues and dear friends, will NOT engage in Clinton-style slash and burn. I argue for a new kind of tech politics, an end to Swiftboating and Rovian dirty tricks. I argue for a new web evangelism of HOPE! promising CHANGE! through UNITY! (Did I mention David Crow’s unnatural fascination for women’s shoes?)

At the same time, I would be humbled and grateful if you chose to support my insurgent campaign as the Dennis Kucinich of this crowd of well recognized tech gurus. (Oh wait, he withdrew!)

But I WILL campaign vigourously in these final days for TransitCamp for Best Unconference. I am very proud of what our community did there, how we jumped out of our tech niches and into the mainstream discourse of city-building. Lucky for TransitCamp, the BarCamp mothership wasn’t nominated in competition.

So vote early and vote often!

4 thoughts on “Nominated! Best Tech/Web Evangelist & TransitCamp, Best Unconference”

  1. Mark,

    LOL, I think everyone is deserving of the nomination and a vote for anyone is a good thing. (A vote for me is a vote for freedom ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think it’s a toss up between TransitCamp and StartupCamp for my favourite event. Mostly because the amount of work hosting them for me is soooooooooo much less. StartupCamp is what I originally hoped that DemoCamp would be. And TransitCamp, it was the first attempt to take the learnings from all our hard efforts and apply them outside of tech.

    I think it’s awesome to see all of the hard work by the TO crew get recognized. Good work!

  2. Even though I did not attend the TransitCamp , I think it had the biggest impact in terms of tech screech being leveraged externally outside the tech sphere.. moreover it was for something that we all really really need bettered.

    I cheated and voted for transitCamp !!

  3. Thanks guys! It is really great that we have a place to celebrate our successes and tell our stories. I really appreciate BlogTO providing that place for us to interact with the wider city.

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