LIFT: William Cockayne, “Foresight to Innovation”

See Michele’s fantastic notes from William Cockayne‘s excellent talk at LIFT about foresight, it’s connection to innovation and the roles that people tend to take within a product innovation cycle. Great stuff. I’m embedding the video here: ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s a great talk which gave me lots of food for thought. Michele took the time to recreate some of Cockayne’s images from his slides, the most important of which is the following which describes the four common roles of expert, breadth + depth, breakout and innovator:


Michele builds upon Cockayne’s foresight to innovation role/actor model to offer an alternative view of an innovation process that more closely reflects the subjective impressions of being part of a open, creative and chaordic system, which I think is genius! She describes it as a model to deliver “timely awesomeness”. (Michele is herself timely awesomeness!)

Check it out:


not flowing along a regulated path, each eddy is an iteration, receptive to changes in external and internal environs, and accept the nature of ambiguity as something to work with. larger eddies flow towards foresight and visioning, smaller eddies flow towards prototyping and design. research does not stop. the process ebbs and flows between the two.

And now you know why I want to work with Michele Perras, Super-Genius. I’ve always found linear innovation pipeline models to be not terribly useful to reflect the ambiguity observed actual creative work. While some industry innovation cycles do look like your standard pipeline or funnel model, the remixability, permanent ambiguity and limitlessness of digital materials mean that old models don’t offer much insight for a new world of digital objects and subjective human experiences of those objects. Michele is onto something here.

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