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Will Pate links to a really great PBS Frontline documentary, Growing Up Online:

If you want to understand the generation gap between us Gen Y kids and our Baby Boomer parents, you can’t beat this show. You can literally see in the eyes of the parents their fear at how fast their kids are evolving, their frustration at the amount of their kids lives kept private from them but made public on the internet, their media-fueled paranoia about child predators, the pain of realizing their son used the internet to get the know how and the support he needed to take his own life before he was old enough to drive a car. Kids are changing too fast for their parents to possibly keep up, and that’s not a good feeling.

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And what of us Gen X’ers who only partially get it?

Transit blogger Steve Munro Celebrates Two Years

For TransitCampers out there, here’s a shout out to the prolific and knowledgeable transit blogger Steve Munro at

January 31, 2006 saw the first post on this blog, a retrospective of my Film Festival reviews from years past. That was something just to get the wheels turning, and the reviews took a back seat to transit right from the start.

Over two years, this site became an important venue for discussions about many aspects of transit planning, operations and funding, not to mention the odd flight of fancy. All of this could not happen without the readers and contributors to the site.

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Gone LIFTing

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I made a commitment to myself to be a better, more regular blogger. I’m in Europe right now, heading to Geneva next week for the LIFT Conference for my second year. Described as a conference dedicated to exploring the social impact of new technologies, LIFT is fantastic – great sessions, big beautiful brains, fun interactive art and yummy fondue – what’s not to love? I will try to blog from LIFT this year, or you can follow me on Twitter.