experience!tech @ MaRS: glocal format innovation?

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MaRS is offering an interesting new model in a tech conference: keynote sessions simulcast from the IDC Directions Conference Boston onto the state-of-art A/V setup at MaRS in the morning, followed by “Master Classes” that take the form of interactive moderated panel discussions featuring local talent and lots of audience participation in the afternoon. The day finishes with Tom Kelley from IDEO closing with another great keynote from Boston. I’m intrigued by the format, and I’m going to check it out.


I think they’re onto something here – linking the global to the local. Very cool. This an interesting format innovation, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.

I also appreciate how Peter Evans, who’s organizing this event, really understands that what people need in an era of accelerating technology change is not just some star keynotes. People also need depth that comes from the rabble rousers we have in spades in this community – people who have sector or tech focus and can accelerate insight into understanding, and understanding into action together with attendees.

Any ideas about other good global conferences the local community would like to see uplinked to MaRS and combined with local face-to-face interaction in this way?

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  1. It might be cool to see VizThink (www.vizthink.com) linked up. It would be very neat to have some keynotes from San Fran (or wherever it’s held next) and do some hands on activities in T.O.

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