SummerCamp: A Toronto Creative Mashup Event

summercamp.gifA series of happy coincidences conspired to give Toronto a great new event that’s taking off like a rocket! SummerCamp falls hot on the heals of CaseCampToronto7, CopyCamp2008, CIX and StartupCampToronto2, a major mid-week after-party that CommunityNorth calls “one camp to rule them all”.

This unusual convergence of open/unconference events all happening the evening of the 29th and CaseCamp steward Eli Singer’s booking of the amazing megaclub CiRCA presented an opportunity too good to pass up. Many thanks to CaseCamp sponsors comScore, Thornley Fallis, InterCom Search, Social Media Group,, Segal Communications, FreshBooks and nextMedia for making the space available. Special thanks to Rob Hyndman|Hyndman Law for helping us pickup some extra expenses to make SummerCamp a reality.

Creative convergence happens on the dancefloor!

SummerCamp Dance Party

CaseCamp along with its sponsors transform CiRCA into ground zero for Toronto’s creative communities: art, design, communications, technology, media, social change and entrepreneurship. DJs, interactive art, and the closest friends you haven’t met celebrating their passion for participatory culture, creative practice and society.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 9:00 PM – Close
126 John Street
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2E3
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Enjoy a late night party and a great lineup:

  • Andrew McConachie (DJ Set)
  • Jimmy Blak (DJ Set)
  • Abdul Smooth (DJ + Visuals)
  • Gabe Sawhney (Interactive Visual Installation)
  • Newmindspace (Cool Stuff TBA)

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this. Book off the next morning and celebrate with Toronto’s emerging creative leaders who are remaking the city. A glance at the Facebook guest list shows one of the most exciting gatherings of creative change-makers and rabble-rowsers in town. Just some of the groups and communities represented:

CaseCamp, StartupCamp, CopyCamp, DemoCamp, PodCamp, FacebookCamp, SciBarCamp, Third Tuesday, Emerging Arts Professionals, ArtsScene, Mercer Union, The Movement, FlashInTO, CFC Medialab, Metronauts/TransitCamp, Centre for Social Innovation, The Overlap, The Beal Institute, VizThink, OpenCities/OpenEverything, Newmindspace, Trampoline Hall, Mobile Jam Fest, Spacing, BlogTO, Talk20 Toronto, WirelessToronto, Mesh, nextMedia, CIX, and many many more. (sorry, my linking finger got tired: Ed.)

2 thoughts on “SummerCamp: A Toronto Creative Mashup Event”

  1. Mark,

    Thanks for the shout out for Thornley Fallis’ sponsorship of CaseCamp. Eli Singer does a great job with CaseCamp and we’re happy to be able to contribute to it.

    But what I’d really like is if you could add Third Tuesday Toronto to your list of the great groups and communities that bring Toronto’s tech phenoms together. Third Tuesday focuses on social media – which gives the power of authorship to the people formerly known as the audience. It is transformational and Third Tuesday has served notice that Toronto has a critical mass of thought leaders in this area. And after all, what are we really developing new technology for, if not to empower the individual?

  2. How could I be so remiss? You are right, Third Tuesday is definitely a community of interest for an event like this. Tell you what, I’ll add it to the list if you can share the Facebook event with that community. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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