Meet Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

Mark Surman
Mark Surman

A big congratulations to my friend, collaborator and inspiration Mark Surman on his appointment as Executive Director for the Mozilla Foundation.  This is fantastic news for the future of the open web and a great decision by Mozilla after a gruelling selection process.

Mark has been posting some really important ideas about the future of Mozilla beyond the Firefox browser and open source software. Read The Next Million Mozillians and A few concrete things Mozilla Foundation might do to get a sense of Mark’s thinking.  I’m excited for what Mark’s appointment means for the future direction of Mozilla, the most successful and important open source social enterprise in the world.

He was a primary instigator of Open Cities, which he is now following up with Open Everything.  Mark is passionate about the future of the open web, community management practices and taking what we can learn from open source software to apply to peer production in other domains.

I should also mention that good friend David Eaves has been very influential in this emerging conversation about Mozilla as a leading part of a social movement and how community management is the core competency of open source.

With friends and collaborators like these, I consider myself to be truly blessed.

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