Best of Obama Fan Videos

There is no question that the 2008 US presidential race is historic for many reasons. The domestic and global challenges America and its allies face, the historic low approval ratings of the outgoing Bush administration and the starkly different candidates pretty much guarantee that Election ’08 will be one to remember.

This may also go down as the first election where YouTube and user-generated content played a major role in the campaign. Obama has inspired unbelievable creativity from his young and loyal base. My friend Rahaf Harfoush is one of those people, currently volunteering for the Obama campaign HQ in Chicago, where it’s hard to find someone over the age of 30.

So, to begin to commemorate the historic moment of this election through the joy of the Obama fan video, I assembled a YouTube playlist. If you have a favourite that’s not here, leave a link in the comments of this post.

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