The Next Generation

Via Andrew Sullivan:

The next generation – Generation Y, the Millennials, the Net Generation – emerges, announces itself and declares its intentions this year.

I talk about these amazing, creative and post-partisan young people a lot in my work – their values, the way they work, their use of media, their learning styles. I usually explain that my role, and the role of my Generation X peers, is to act as translators and brokers between the Boomers and their Millennial children – transferring knowledge, power and capital to a new generation that will become the dominant force in our future. I know my place, and I have confidence in their abilities to fix the crap their parents have left in their wake.

2 thoughts on “The Next Generation”

  1. Mark, thanks… great post and I love the recognition of your role – the role of our generation. Resonates strongly with me and I’m curious to see what the new organizations and systems this generation creates will look like. A lot more like Metronauts etc. me thinks.

  2. Thanks for the comment Michael.

    I remember feeling my version of Gen-X ennui and frustration – entering the workforce during a recession, talents left undeveloped, mentors hard to find and a sense of powerlessness in the larger social and political conversation. To quote Björk, “there’s more to life than this”.

    Then I got it. I got to know and love so many amazing people younger than I, amazed by their innate talents and the confidence that comes from being doted on by their Boomer parents. They seemed well-suited to their time, and they have critical mass.

    When I decided to accept my supporting role in this little family drama, the role of midwife, shepherd, broker, the middle brother, the shaman.

    Gen-Y will play the Hero, and that’s ok by me.

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