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December 2008

December 9, 2008 Why StatCan is (or could be) Google

David Eaves is somebody you need to know and love as I do. He’s been doing some great work on public sector renewal, negotiation and how government can learn from open source software. His recent post Why StatCan is (or could be) Google is fascinating and well worth a read. David’s thesis is that StatCan - Read More -

December 6, 2008

#ChangeGovCA: What and who is the change we need?

Recent political developments in Canada have taken us all by surprise and left many of us confused and disillusioned, but also super-engaged. This a tremendous opportunity and a moment for real dialogue among Canadians about our politics, our democracy and our individual citizenship. Many of us are watching with rapt attention what’s going on in - Read More -

December 1, 2008

Obama campaign learnings by Rahaf Harfoush

Rahaf Harfoush heard Will.I.Am’s call Yes We Can and decided to join the Obama campaign at Chicago HQ. Now Rahaf is no ordinary door-knocker. She is a Gen-Y social media maven, consultant and frequent collaborator with Don Tapscott, including on Wikinomics and Grown Up Digital.  So now that everybody and their brother is looking to - Read More -