#ChangeGovCA: What and who is the change we need?

Join the conversation on Twitter with tag: #changegovCA
Join the conversation on Twitter. tag: #ChangeGovCA

Recent political developments in Canada have taken us all by surprise and left many of us confused and disillusioned, but also super-engaged. This a tremendous opportunity and a moment for real dialogue among Canadians about our politics, our democracy and our individual citizenship.

Many of us are watching with rapt attention what’s going on in the transition to an Obama administration in the United States. I’ve been amazed at how the technologies of participation are being married to the philosophy of transparency in very real and exciting ways. An administration-in-waiting that blogs with open commenting! And offers a Seat at the Table for open policy conversations and submission of documents!

Inspired by these developments and the work of Laurence Lessig and Joe Trippi with Change-Congress.org and Open-Government.us, I registered the domain ChangeGov.ca, with an eye to it being a place for a new conversation for a multi- and non-partisan movement of Canadians interested in changing our institutions of government to reflect our times. I don’t know what this might become, but I’m inviting people interested in democratic renewal and the principles of politics embedded in the philosophy of the open web to join and open the conversation.

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10 thoughts on “#ChangeGovCA: What and who is the change we need?”

  1. Great idea, Mark. I just wrote my MP a few days ago regarding the whole Liberal leadership scramble and referenced Obama’s change.gov initiative. Hopefully the political parties as well as the governments at all levels will begin to grasp the power of some of the new tools we have at our disposal to really energize our political process and our government institutions.

  2. Ok, here’s a tangible idea: a 1-day “ChangeCamp” unconference on Gov2.0, open access, participation, transparency, parliamentary democracy and reform and including a design slam and sprint for ChangeGov.ca as a community-run space where these ideas can continue to develop in the open.

    Who’s interested?

  3. I discovered your website accidentally and wish to thank you for this intiative. As someone who had been very active in politics at every level; it pains me to see how little we engage our government when our lives ar so influenced by their decisions. I give keynote speeches, seminars and do research on inclusivity and leadership engagement and would love to learn more about your organization.

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