Edmonton Open City Workshop

Thanks to Chris Moore, CIO of the City of Edmonton, for inviting myself, David Eaves and Nick Charney to participate in Edmonton’s Open City Workshop held on Saturday, March 6th at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The discussions were rich, moving beyond open data and mobile apps to deeper questions of the relevance to democracy and community at the local level. This video captures the major content of the day, including our panel discussion on “Government as Platform”.

The open data and open government movements are now truly across Canada. With the major announcements Moore gave at the closing remarks, it is clear that the City of Edmonton is staking a claim for leadership in the emerging municipal open government ecosystem. This includes the ideas of a MuniForge for open source municipal software and a call for a Code for Canada project to mirror Code for America being supported by our friends at Sunlight Foundation in the United States. I’m really amazed at the growing momentum over the past year, and excited to be a part of it.

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