The Moment has arrived!

I am excited to announce that I’m beginning a new stage in my changemaking journey: together with my amazing and talented partners Daniel Rose and Greg Judelman, we are launching a new enterprise focused on collaborative innovation and systems change work called The Moment. We just launched publicly for the first time June 8th, as co-sponsors and facilitators of GovCamp.

We describe The Moment as an innovation studio. Our vision for how change happens and how new value is created is embedded within our name:

You already know The Moment.

You know that moment when you’re working with people of diverse talents, focusing on creating something remarkable, sensing the possibilities of the future and working in flow together as you create a new reality or a new opportunity?

That is the moment we are dedicated to creating. We want to make that moment more accessible to more people and organizations as they navigate increasingly complex and rapidly changing environments for achieving their missions.

We are also focused on this moment – now, today, our time. We are living through the most amazing and most challenging period of transformation, perhaps in human history. In the everyday world of action and reaction we sometimes forget this. The Moment is dedicated to being present and attending to this incredible transformation as servant leaders.

I am very privileged to have found my professional soul-mates in Dan and Greg, joining with them as co-creators of this exciting new venture.

Dan Rose is someone I’ve worked with on and off over the past few years. Dan was the person I wanted at my side when we launched the first ChangeCamp in January 2009. Dan was my partner in the project that helped create AgendaCamp for TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, an innovation in hyper-local, hyper-connected, co-creative issues-based journalism. Dan’s skills are very deep in strategic process design, facilitation and visual-thinking and like me he’s been operating as a sole practitioner for a number of years creating ad hoc teams under the name Omakase Group.

Greg Judelman is someone I’ve come to know more recently, but when we met it was with a sense of “where have you been all my life”? Greg is a brilliant designer, having proven himself in the much esteemed work of Bruce Mau Design, including his recent contributions to the innovative OCAD U branding project. But design is just the beginning of Greg’s talents. He has a deep connection to social change work and a belief in the value of dialogue. Greg is a co-founder of the Design with Dialogue community that meets monthly at OCAD and is involved with great change-making organizations like Ashoka and Waterlution.

For me, this new venture is the best answer I have to the question that prompted me to change careers over 7 years ago: how do I align my life’s work with my passions and the needs of a very challenging time of accelerating change and increasing complexity in the world?

Along my journey, I picked up some skills, tried some experiments, learned some hard lessons, sought new teachers and found great community among some of the most passionate and creative people in the world. I am very blessed to have had these opportunities. Today, this experimental learning phase is transitioning to a new and more intentional mode of engagement with large scale innovation problems. Together with Greg and Dan, I will be looking to amplify, scale and deepen the impact of our combined toolset in order to sustain innovation and systems transformation for clients and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

We’re looking forward to launching our full website soon at For now we have a placeholder page there and  you can sign-up for updates via Twitter (@TheMoment_is) and email.

The Moment has arrived. I’m ready.

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  1. The moment is definitely now! Your new venture inspires me, both in finding work soul mates and in the work you are co-creating. I hope we will cross paths as fellow travellers.

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