Alex Sirota on “Your privacy is an illusion.”

Read Capitan Kirk, “Your privacy is an illusion.” on Alex Sirota’s NewPath blog A Path to Success.

Alex raises some important questions. My thoughts are that there is an opportunity for innovation here, but also a collective action problem.
On one hand, I think that the new web is about transparent identity, which requires a certain amount of disclosure and mutual sharing of info. But we don’t have the standards and the trusted intermediaries we need. We also haven’t established clear principals that I own my data and that value derived from it should somehow flow back to me; nor the mechanisms to make that principal a reality.

So is the solution a technical one, matter of personal choice and education or regulatory? I don’t know, but it is an interesting and increasingly important problem area in need of new ideas.

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Teh Messina on Mozilla: After Firefox, Now What?

Chris Messina (BarCamp godfather, Mr. Tara Hunt and open web evangelist) has posted a lengthy, provocative and thoughtful video rant on the state of Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser. In it he argues that Mozilla needs to stop thinking of itself as a browser company and become “a platform for innovation, creativity and the advancement of civilization and societies“. (WOW!)

Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corp would collapse without the Mozilla community. That community is united by shared beliefs and sense of mission. It was catalyzed by a common purpose to take on a juggernaut in the form of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It’s goal was to offer an alternative. With that purpose and goal now largely accomplished and IE7 a much improved competitor, it begs the question: What next?

Messina’s critique needs to be understood as being broadly about the kind of web we want and it’s place in society, just like the net neutrality debate. Chris’ recent launch-point is his concern that the next generation web dev platforms (Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Apollo) are curtailing “view source”. Chris and others credit web standards and view source as the primary propagating forces behind the rapid innovation on the web today. Messina is looking to Mozilla to lead the development of open alternatives in line with its mission to ensure choice on the web.

Analysis after the jump…

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Enterprise 2.0 Conference, May 29th in Toronto

Corporate Canada will have a tremendous opportunity to get an intense dose of education and practical advice on the emerging set of social media tools that are changing the nature of work and the future of competitiveness. Enterprise 2.0 is happening the day before the Mesh Conference in the middle of Toronto TechWeek.

Tom Purves has lined up two amazing speakers in Anthony D. Williams, co-author of Wikinomics and John Bruce, CEO of iUpload which recently received $7 million in US VC funding. The event will be a fascinating hybrid of the traditional CEO breakfast followed by an intense day of workshops that will tap the expertise of the participants, including the best and brightest from the Toronto Barcamp community. That’s how 2.0 is done!

I am looking forward to hearing case studies from companies that are in various stages of implementing wikis, blogs, social networks, new collaboration tools and other Enterprise 2.0 practices. It is a great opportunity to innovate, get some new ideas and perspectives and find people to help companies innovate the new world of work. I’m going to propose a session myself, maybe a couple. Join us!

OCE Discovery07: Remarkable?

I attended the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery07 event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre yesterday, May 1, 2007. Is it worthy of mention? One major wow moment: disembodied 3D holographic virtual Ray Kurzweil addressing the audience live from the podium:


Take me to your leader.

The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent after the jump…

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CONCERT Entertainment/Creative R&D Network Needs a PM

My colleague Christian Buhagiar at York University is hiring a Project Manager for a really exciting project called CONCERT: “Consortium on New Media, Creative and Entertainment R&D in the Toronto Region”. See this page for background on the project.

Download the Job Description (PDF)

CONCERT is closely related to the project I am managing, the Creative Convergence Centres Project, so you will have the added pleasure of working with yours truly. 😉

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in this position and would like some background before applying.

Canada Worse than 3rd World Countries when it comes to Mobile Data Access

From Tom Purves:

And all levels of government say that “ICT� competitiveness is key factor in Canada’s future economic prosperity. Ya. Right. I would like to say that Canada is a 3rd world country when it comes to Mobile ICT, except you can clearly see from this chart that even *Rwanda* has orders of magnitude better Mobile Data service than Canada.

The graphic is shocking.

Travesty of Canadian Mobile Carriers

The mobile content and platform innovation and competitiveness implications are massive. Blog about it. Digg this story.

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Enterprise 2.0 event coming to Toronto Tech Week, May 29th

Thomas Purves, TorCamp dynamo, Lifter, Beale fan-boy, indie-rocker, Mcluhan-esque MBA and all around fine citizen is leading the charge on “Enterprise 2.0 – How Collaborative Technologies in the Enterprise are Changing Everything“. This will be an amazing opportunity for the 1.0 and 2.0 worlds to crossover, interact and learn from each other. Featuring a keynote by Anthony D. Williams, co-author of Wikinomics and taking an unconference approach to workshops, this is setting up to be a milestone event in Toronto.

I’m helping Tom out where I can. What can you bring to it? Well, the event needs good sponsors who can live by modified BarCamp sponsorship rules: flat $1,000 limit, no tiers. And it needs volunteers to help get things going. Contact tom (at) if you’re interested.

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Live-Swarming the Canadian Venture Forum

My thanks to Peter Evans of the Toronto Venture Group, Mars and Riverdale Partners for comping me a pass to the Canadian Venture Forum. This is a great opportunity to communicate what’s the current sense of things in VC land and bring it out to the wider community.

I’m a terrible live-blogger. I really like to have some time to digest and see Remarkk as a place for context and analysis rather than a news feed.

However the TorCamp Skype Chat Swarm is the place to be for live coverage. I am using as the place to capture my notes, and the wider TorCamp community is following along remotely.

I haven’t blogged about this innovation yet, but Tom Purves covered it pretty well at its birth. Since its inception 6 weeks ago, the Swarm has been a locus of self-organization, rants, praise, new projects, new events and even business deals and partnerships. Swarmies are hungry, entrepreneurial and smart as a whip. The Swarm is operating as a Collective Intelligence – ask it any question, it will have an answer.

Add my skypename for entry: markkuznicki, or ask any TorCamper.

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Essay: What is an Open Creative Community?

Three weeks ago, I coined a new term in my attempt to understand and communicate some of the ideas under the surface of Toronto Transit Camp. I referred to Transit Camp and BarCamp as open creative communities. It was a vague notion founded on my intuitions about what I have been observing in places as diverse and apparently disconnected as BarCamp to CaseCamp to NewMindSpace to Burning Man.

So what do marketers and tech geeks have in common with half-naked neo-tribal bohemians in the desert?

Alive, originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

These are communities of interest, practice, proximity and values.

These communities live in a hybrid virtual- and place-based geography. They are hyper-creative and produce some phenomenal artifacts of human ingenuity and culture. They are open, in that the barrier to entry is not a membership fee or a geographic line in the sand or a common ethnicity. The barrier to entry is creative citizenship, and you are either a citizen and a participant or you are not, based on your individual relationship to that community’s interests, practices, proximity and values.

They are communities with both global and local dimensions. And they are self-organizing at an increasingly rapid rate, in the most unexpected places. (more after the jump)

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Coopetition is a Dirty Word…Dirty in a Good Way

Small firms often need to cooperate to compete. That’s what the Entertainment & Creative Cluster Partnerships fund is all about. Jay recently threatened to slap me if I used the word coopetition, but he’s in Redmond now, so I feel safe.

Check out Jevon MacDonald of Firestoker making the call for collaboration to his startup competition in the Enterprise 2.0 space. Of course, they are Enterprise 2.0, so they WOULD naturally move to the new paradigm.

So, are stealth startups dead? If you’re a closely guarded secret, how do you attract the kind of attention you need to forge partnerships, gather users, talent and other resources?

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