Innovation Parkour

My good friends and sometimes collaborators Michael Dila and Matthew Milan delivered the latest iteration of the “Innovation Parkour” presentation recently, so I thought I would share the slides and video with you here.

Innovation Parkour – Toronto Planners Unite Conference from Matthew Milan on Vimeo.

I have seen this in earlier forms, and as you would expect of something that comes out of the Unfinished Business project, it is a beginning rather than an end. But I believe that it is a very important beginning, outlines a direction for transformative innovation as practice and highlights the kind of design thinking talent that we have in our Toronto community.

The part of the Unfinished Kernel that I tend to work and play in is called Participation. I’m looking forward to advancing my own thinking and practice in this larger context of innovation in order to work together to “get a better reality”.

If you like the presentation, vote for it to be part of the Reboot conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Export Canadian design-tech thinking!